Product Review: Philips EasyClean Rechargable Sonic Toothbrush


A few weeks ago my husband and I picked up two Philips EasyClean Rechargable sonic toothbrushes at Sam’s Club.  They were sold as a set (two-pack), so it seemed like it was meant to be. We’ve been talking about getting “electric toothbrushes” for a while now because my teeth seem to have issues relating to the hard to reach spots, and my husband thinks he brushes too hard. So far, we are extremely happy with the purchase. We both feel like our teeth and gums are healthier overall. For example, my gums have always had a tendency to bleed when brushing certain areas or flossing (I know…gross), and since using this toothbrush, it has completely subsided.


Two toothbrushes for only a little more than the price of one (@ Sam’s Club); inexpensive as far as sonic toothbrushes go

One button, one cycle (foolproof and easy to use)

Automatic two-minute timer (the toothbrush shuts off after two minutes, ensuring you get a thorough brush)

It looks good. The sleek look and travel carrying case make it as easy as a traditional toothbrush to travel with.



The brush heads have to be replaced every three months. A pack of five goes for around $25/3 pack.  Not a huge deal, but it can be a pain to remember. And, it’s obviously pricier than replacing a regular toothbrush every few months.

Although the charger is small and sleek, the cord seems bulky if you keep it on your counter at all times.


Puppy Parenthood: Puppy Profiles Coming Soon!

You may have noticed a new page on the top of The Informed Life called “Puppy Parenthood”. You may even be perplexed as to its purpose. since it currently takes you to a blank page (humor me here if you haven’t noticed it yet).  It won’t be blank for long folks! If you’ve read our blog to any extent, you know we are in love with our canine offspring: Ella, Mae, and Pumpkin. We reference them several times a week in our posts, and they play a huge role in pretty much every aspect of our daily lives. For example, C discusses the impact of her new job on Mae and the decision to hire a dog walker in this post. And, in this post, I talk about how Ella helps me get through a stressful day.

Because they play such an integral role in our blog, we’re  giving them the accolade they deserve and creating puppy pages for our furry friends (similar to an About Me). New and old readers will be able to acquaint themselves with these three and learn more about the creatures we talk about so often.

So stay tuned, and check back Monday to find out a bit more about the other three members of TIL!


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Top Websites to Find a Smile

Do you see all of those funny pictures of animals with commentary that your friends post on Facebook (I think they’re now known as memes )? What about those hilarious cartoons that are oh-so relatable? Do you ever wonder where they come from? I do. How do they find these things?  I’m always looking for the next hilarious, awe-inspiring, make-you-smile picture to perk up my day or send to a friend. Well, I’ve tracked down a few of my favorite sites to share. Click on the links to check them out! Trust me, you are bound to find something to make you smile or something to send a friend to perk them up or make them crack up. I find sending a funny picture can be a good way to keep in contact with those you don’t see often, too.

1. I Love to Laugh

This site is by far my favorite. There is a wide variety of images in all different categories, and most are just wholesomely funny. To get the most up-to-date images, follow them on Facebook! This is the most dependable laugh you’ll have all day.


2. Imgur

Clicking on one photo leads you to click on another, then another, then another. Three hours later you’ve found an old man and a puppy in a hat drinking Guinness.



Wimp uploads a handful new videos every single day, touting them as “the best of the web”. You’ll find everything from puppies doing hilarious things , unique art projects, rare talents, and the newest technological advances. The one below made me smile, but trust me, there is so much more than just rhinos!

Do you know of any other sites I can add to my list? I’m always in the market for a smile.



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Summer Date Nights

One of the best things about summer in Chicago are the summer festivals. The day the summer festival guide is released is a very happy day for Chicagoans: it is a sign that after a long, dark, and cold winter, summer will soon be upon us.

This weekend, my husband and I plan to enjoy date night at Ribfest, a festival right in our area, that’s been a Chicago tradition for 15 years. There are 13 rib vendors this year and a lot of other delicious (and unhealthy) vendors to choose from. It’s a great way for my Chef and I to enjoy date time, while sampling lots of local food at once.

That’s just one of the many great festivals occurring all summer long in Chicago.

What summer dates do you have planned?



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Blouse Dilemma: Solved

I was recently given a fantastic fashion tip that I have to share. Blouses are easy, versatile, and classic. The reason I have rarely bought them? The gap. A blouse may fit me perfectly, except for the gaping pull around the third or fourth button. For that reason, I’ve typically steered clear, that is until now.

While shopping, I figured I’d try on a few blouses, just to see if perhaps they would fit differently. Nope, still the gaping pull between the third and fourth button. However, the blouse fit perfectly in the arms and everywhere else; one size up was too big. It was then that a fantastic  store stylist told me all I had to do was take blouses to a seamstress and ask them to sew in a hook and eye where the blouse pulls.


I purchased the blouses, hoping this to be true. My dry cleaner was actually able to do this, and I am thrilled. No more gaping pulls, and the hook and eye are invisible under the blouses. For three blouses, it only cost $15 total to get the hooks and eyes sewn in.

Awkward selfie to show magic of the hook & eye

My blouse dilemma has been solved and blouses have quickly become a staple in my professional wardrobe.

Do you have any fashion tips you have to share? Do tell!


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